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Premier Medical Esthetics & Premier Eye Care Group

2021 NATAS Emmy Nomination - Commercial Single Spot

2021 Platinum MarCom Award Winner (Integrated Marketing)

2021 Platinum dotCOMM Award Winner (Integrated Marketing)

2021 Gold dotCOMM Award Winner (Integrated Marketing)

2021 Platinum Hermes Award Winner (Electronic Media / Social Media / Interactive Media)


Our challenge was to help a brand-new business, Premier Medical Esthetics, grow to gain a consistent client base, and launch a new branding campaign for their sister business, Premier Eye Care Group, while keeping creative consistency and synergy between the two businesses.

Our campaign launch began with a focus on Premier Medical Esthetics, where we designed an empowerment-focused creative campaign around the message “dare to be you,” aiming to break the stigma around their services being vain and instead showcasing confidence, strength, and comfort in your own skin. Later, we launched our branding campaign for Premier Eye Care Group that needed some creative consistency and synergy with the “dare to be you” campaign. We created “see the possibilities,” highlighting the full suite of eye care services, corrective vision surgeries, and care throughout a patient’s lifetime. Both campaigns grew after the initial video and TV launch to incorporate an SEO and a social media strategy allowing the creative message to be infused across all marketing for the entire company. From month to month, we combine our marketing strategies for both businesses to mirror each other – for example, in the first month we launched our campaign for Premier Eye Care Group, we centered our social and SEO campaign for Premier Medical Esthetics around “all about the eyes” that showcased lash and brow services and a push to tie back to Premier Eye Care Group.

After the first year of our campaign with Premier Medical Esthetics, they grew significantly to have a full regular flow of new patients. Our launch with Premier Eye Care Group particularly assisted with growth to their laser eye surgery patients and new pediatric patients. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we were also able to modify our messaging to stay relevant to their patient base, and we succeeded in keeping up engagement and growth during this time.