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Koser Jewelers

2022 Platinum Hermes Award Winner (TV Ad)

As a creative and as a storyteller, when I have the opportunity to infuse my own life experiences into the stories I tell, it can take an idea to an entirely new level. The goals that Koser Jewelers had with reaching a younger audience and breaking away from traditional jewelry store advertising gave me the opportunity to come up with some wonderful outside-the-box ideas for their campaign. The campaign idea "When You Just Know" was brought to life from that inspiration - the moment I had with my life partner "when I just knew" he was the one and began visualizing the future of our life together. 

Our client absolutely loved the idea and could feel the power of the strong emotion coming through in the storytelling of the finished product. It's that power of emotion that can really resonate with an audience, and I always aim to bring that across, no matter what that emotion is. It's even better (and easier) when it's my own authentic emotion coming through. 

Emotional storytelling is the key to making an impact.

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