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Klick Lewis - Trust Is Easy
Klick Lewis - Trusting Moments

Klick Lewis

Klick Lewis had been advertising on TV for several years before our involvement in their creative, and up until that point had a very stereotypical "local automotive" commercial that looked a lot like every other auto dealer out there. An experience buying or servicing a vehicle with Klick Lewis is unlike any other dealership many would do business with - the care and attention every customer receives is insurmountable. They take the time to build a real relationship with everyone who walks through their door - ensuring they are truly doing just what's best and meets the needs for each customer. 

The meaning behind Klick Lewis's tagline "Trust Is Earned" wasn't entirely coming across in their existing creative, so we approached it with some new creative messaging solutions. We started with a heartwarming testimonial approach surrounding the theme of "what does trust mean to you" and expanded into bigger and better campaigns. Since starting our partnership, Klick Lewis has come back to us for 4+ new creative campaigns, and have even had the best sales months in their entire dealership's history, with more ROI each time, which the owner attributes highly to the strength of our creative message. 

If you're ever looking to buy a car, I will forever and always recommend Klick Lewis.

Tell Pat that Alex sent you. ;)

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