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2021 Platinum dotCOMM Award Winner (Video: Short Form < 3:00)

2021 Silver Davey Award Winner (General: Animation)

2020 Bronze Telly Winner (Online Commercials - General-Low Budget)

Achieve Energy Solutions needed assistance with getting the word out about their new proprietary energy bidding platform they were creating: Faced with the challenge of a competitive industry and trying to change the mindset of their consumers, we had to come up with a unique way to appeal to the masses while also explaining how user-friendly the platform is. We went to market with a long form video story that was launched with a PR campaign announcement and a shortened :30 second commercial version for TV targeted towards business owners.

Using animation was the strongest means of execution that would blend in seamlessly with showcasing the interface of the Energy Pricing portal. Achieve Energy Solutions had a lot of pertinent information about the energy market that was necessary to communicate in the creative that explained the "problem," getting us to their solution of This included details about the deregulated energy market, traditional energy supply purchasing, and the problem of time consumption and confusion that many buyers face. In our first campaign, we took the metaphor approach of a thunderstorm and using lightning and power to visually guide us through the problem and get to the solution.


In our second rendition of the campaign, our client wanted to focus on the greedy behavior of many energy brokers. They also had a new challenge of having ongoing changes to their platform's look and design, so we had to visually depict the platform in a way that wouldn't lock Achieve Energy Solutions into an expiration date on the campaign when they inevitably change their platform's design again. 

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