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Davis Country Living - Part 1
Davis Country Living - Part 2

Davis Country Living

2021 Platinum MarCom Award Winner (Single Spot)

2021 Gold Hermes Award Winner (Electronic Media / Social Media / Interactive Media)

Davis Country Living is a very small local home and garden store that was interested in advertising and needed a strong creative message to have significant impact on their bottom line. With a very large facet of their business dedicated to bird feed and supplies, we came up with a humorous story campaign that almost anyone can relate to - the obnoxious squirrel showing up to your garden, destroying and eating everything that belonged to the birds. 

Produced during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, this campaign came together in part with beautiful set design and fantastic casting, but also existing stock footage clips of squirrels being an annoyance. Married together to create a seamlessly funny and memorable story, this is one of my all time favorite campaigns I have ever produced, and certainly will remember to bring the fun of this shoot to future projects throughout my career.

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