Davids Furniture

2020 Bronze Telly Award Winner (Local TV - Campaign - Business-To-Consumer)

2020 Silver Davey Award Winner (Campaign Categories-Consumer Products & Services)

Davids Furniture was interested in taking their brand to a new place and reach a new audience within the TV and streaming landscape. Before working with us, Davids Furniture's creative message was more "talk to the camera" style that featured the owner speaking about the company and highlighted the benefits of doing business with them. As we prepared to launch into the TV space, we proposed a new creative direction that had a more humorous approach and would be more engaging to their new potential audience. 

Their two locations featured some key differences which ultimately led to the creation of two unique creatives that touched on both. One store has a very large, open, and bright showroom to feature a lot more furniture pieces, and the other store has a brand new design center to help customers visualize the look and feel of their new rooms. The showroom focused creative was "Dance of Attraction" and the design center focused creative was "Be Amazed." 

Our campaign was very successful and led to some of Davids best sales months after launching their new creative. We continue to update creative monthly to highlight sales events, and are actively planning a large campaign around their upcoming 50th anniversary. Even through the COVID-19 pandemic, they were able to maintain a good flow of business and stay relevant in the market.