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Budget Blinds

2021 Platinum dotCOMM Award Winner (Social Media Marketing: Social Campaign)

2021 Silver Davey Award "Hold It Yourself" (General: Consumer Products/Services)

Our partner at Budget Blinds runs the operations of the local location of this nationwide corporation, with other Budget Blinds locations spreading all across the country. Through their advertising efforts, they are able to use corporate-produced creative but also infuse their own personal touch to bring a uniqueness to their specific location. They wanted the ability to take a more humorous approach outside of the traditional branding that more aligned with the owners' personality and fun-loving relationships they have with their clients. 

The success of the TV video creative expanded into social media creative with seasonal promotions and quirky topics. The fun-loving nature of the TV creative caught on to other Budget Blinds franchises that have incorporated our local message to their geographies across the country as well. Our actor friends appearing in "Hold It Yourself" are thrilled to have their likeness on TV's all across America. Not to mention how ecstatic our local Budget Blinds owners are that they spearheaded this fantastic campaign. The success of this creative campaign is leading us towards creating even more humorous stories for their brand, featuring the same fantastic actors. 

Word to the wise - producing a video featuring goats might lead you to receiving some "questionable" messages on social media...