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Belco Community Credit Union

2021 NATAS Emmy Nomination - Commercial Single Spot

2021 Platinum MarCom Award Winner "Earning More" (Single Spot)

2021 Silver Davey Award Winner "Earning More" (General: Banking/Finance)

2021 Platinum Hermes Award Winner "Earning More" (Electronic Media / Social Media / Interactive Media)

Belco Community Credit Union posed a unique marketing challenge and asked us to develop creative concepts surrounding several of their different services, all of which maintaining the same core "Believe in Better Banking" mantra. Many hours were spent the concept stage and writers room to come up with our proposed campaign strategy, ultimately coming up with 4 distinctly different creative ideas to meet the needs of their different services, all stemming from the core idea of "believe" and connections to their iconic bell iconography.

Our production plan took a turn when hit with the COVID-19 pandemic. With new restrictions to filming capabilities as well as changes to the credit union's marketing plan, we needed to shift gears but still moved forward successfully. The "Dreaming of Reality" creative had the intention of being a live footage shoot with actors and was originally centered around business banking. This ultimately shifted to character animation and a message surrounding mortgages and refinancing, but the overall same creative idea stayed consistent. 

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