AES Hearth and Patio

Our partnership with AES Hearth and Patio began just as they were investing tremendously into the renovation of a large and stunning showroom, and new they needed a strong creative message in their advertising to match the stunning and beautiful work one would experience when going to their store. After several rounds of brainstorms and even hand-drawn storyboards, we came to the concept of "Creating Warm Memories," showcasing AES's different product lines as memories in a photo album.


I can honestly say the many hours of hand drawing individual scenes truly paid off by resulting in a beautiful story. Some local friends and colleagues have even taken notice as to how much AES's branding had improved as we took on their creative campaign. Unfortunately some of our production was put on pause due to the pandemic, but once it's safe to have lots of folks gathered under one roof again, we will be adding to the memories to showcase a Thanksgiving type scene with lots of family gathered around a custom designed fireplace. 

There may be some new social media components added into the mix here too, stay tuned!